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ATV Grinder
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Grinder is a ground vehicle used by the RDA. It is a fast and deadly single-occupant, all-terrain vehicle, and is maneuverable in all kinds of topography. The lethal forward-sighting weapons include four chain guns mounted above the front wheels, and missile racks mounted above the rear treads. The Grinder has proved effective in hit-and-run attacks on Na'vi warriors and viperwolf packs. Although the vehicle itself is armored in the front, the sides and rear of the vehicle are extremely vulnerable to melee attacks and arrows. This problem is reinforced by the slow acceleration of the vehicle. Because its weapons face toward the front, many of the troops on Pandora have started to use weaving tactics to compensate for this shortcoming. The RDA uses the Grinder mainly for recon and strikes on the enemies' rear.


The ATV's frame is much more substantial than that of a Buggy, and suffers by way of a lower top speed and acceleration, however this is often countered by its heavy armaments for its size. Traction is assured by two sets of linked tracks at the rear, with two high traction tires on individual, wide stance, suspension in the front for stability. Unlike the Buggy with its partially enclosed cockpit, the ATV's cockpit is completely open to the elements. The Grinder has a three-part HUD panel.


First seen in James Cameron's Avatar: The Game.

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