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AVTR Advanced Team
Game Information
Developer Multiverse
Engine Adobe Flash 10
Platform Facebook
Released December 11, 2009[1]
Genre Action
Media type Browser-based download

AVTR Advanced Team was an in-browser game released on Facebook in collaboration with Coca-Cola. The game was developed by Multiverse, a studio of 12 artists who also created Pandora ROVR. It is a simulation of an RDA mission on Pandora. The application has since been disabled.

The user controls a Security Operations soldier on Pandora, fighting hostile wildlife such as Viperwolves and Thanators with a Standard Issue Rifle. Puffball Trees are destroyable, to make shortcuts.

The objective of the game is to mine Unobtanium ore. Mining all the ore deposits in an area allows the player to progress to the next level. Each map is generated by the engine, so the maps are unique between each playthrough.

Similar to many other games, a health bar keeps track of damage sustained by enemies and can be replenished by finding med-kits on the ground. In addition, there is a stamina bar which decreases steadily over time and can be replenished with stim-packs. This steadily reducing stamina level is due to the toxic Pandoran atmosphere. If the stamina bar reaches zero, a life is lost. When the player runs out of lives, an overall score is calculated.


The score is based on:

  • Amount of ore collected
  • Number of creatures defeated
  • Number of plants avoided
  • Amount of stim-packs and med-kits remaining
  • Number of lives remaining
  • Any level completion bonuses


The game supported multiplayer, allowing the user to recruit friends and play co-operatively. When multiple players are present, they can change their role, each with their own perks and disadvantages. They are:

  • Miner: Expert in ore extraction, additional health
  • Trooper: Expert in combat, additional damage
  • Field medic: Extends the squad's life, grants additional stamina.