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Abandoned RDA Camp
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The Abandoned RDA Camp is an area in the south east of the Grave's Bog region. It is connected to Stillwater in the south, and The Ho-Hum in the north. The area was once a fairly sizeable RDA compound, with numerous shacks around. The base was attacked some time in 2152, with bodies of RDA SecOps Infantry left lying around. Some of the bodies had been impaled with Na'vi arrows.

The area has become rundown, with the shacks in the area becoming depressurized and sunken into the ground. The area is mainly inhabited by Na'vi and sturmbeests. There is a turret on the east side, a GMI unit in the center, and an A-Pod on the west side, all of which are still functional. Why these pieces of equipment did not get destroyed when the base was attacked is unknown.

Avatar: The Game[]

Able Ryder was sent to the camp by Kendra Midori to recover an unobtanium shard. Kendra had informed Ryder that the camp was studying the shards, but had gone silent. Ryder suggested that it could have been the poor communications in the local area that had caused the camp to go silent. Kendra doubted this and sent Ryder to the camp to look for the unobtanium shard and check on the camp. Sure enough, when Ryder arrived in the camp, dead SecOps infantry could be seen lying around in the area, as mentioned above. Because some of the soldiers had been impaled by Na'vi arrows, it strongly suggested that the camp had been attacked by Na'vi, possibly aided by Sturmbeest. The sturmbeest that now inhabit the area are aggressive and will charge the player (Ryder) if they come too close, along with the local Na'vi attacking Ryder if he comes too close to them or engages them. However, despite the dangers, Ryder managed to escape the area and find a tracking device in one of the depressurized shacks, which lead him northwards in search of the shard.