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Our dream is that all those who crave exciting adventures in nature can find that with ACE. We look forward to helping you discover the wondrous beauty that the world of Pandora has to offer.

- ACE Mission Statement[1]

Alpha Centauri Expeditions, or ACE, is an eco tour group from Earth and the exclusive provider for tours to Pandora.[2][3] With humans being welcomed back to Pandora after the end of the Pandoran War, they provide transport for civilians to the moon. The founder of ACE, Marshall Lamm, played an instrumental role in the creation of a strong Na'vi-human partnership that allowed ACE to start providing travel from Earth to Pandora.[4]

Operations on Pandora Edit

ACE's operations in the Valley of Mo'ara are allowed through the Mo'ara Cooperation Pact, signed by ACE and leaders of the Omatikaya clan & the Na'vi people of Pandora. This pact gives ACE long-term use of the Valley of Mo'ara for their operations.[5] ACE owns and operates Pandora businesses including the Satu'li Canteen and Windtraders, both re-purposing old RDA buildings.[6][7] ACE also provides much of the infrastructure in the Valley of Mo'ara, including pathways, bridges, safety railings, lights, fans, and informational & safety signs.[8] ACE also has a partnership with the Pandora Conservation Initiative, a habitat conservation focused group that studies and helps protect the natural world of Pandora. Marshall Lamm serves on the PCI's board of directors and some PCI members also work for ACE.[4] A specialized subset of the PCI has taken over the Avatar Program, refining and advancing the technology that allows tourists to link to an avatar without a link unit. ACE uses the Avatar Program technology to let thrill-seeking visitors fly on a mountain banshee on a link chair, in an experience similar to the Iknimaya rite of passage.[8]

Promotional activities Edit

A series of advertisements from the company were shown at the D23 Expo, in promotion of the upcoming theme park attraction Pandora: The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom.[9] Marshall Lamm made a public appearance at D23's Destination D: Amazing Adventures alongside James Cameron and Imagineer Joe Rohde to promote the attraction.[10] ACE has actively advertised in other ways at Disney conventions, including screening promotional videos and providing pamphlets to guests. These pamphlets include useful information on the tour itinerary and ads for travel gear.[11]

Alpha Centauri Expeditions launched a promotional website and social media accounts for their Pandora tours called Visit Pandora, including information on important ACE personnel. These personnel members, including field members, scientists from the Pandora Conservation Initiative, and expats living on Pandora, provide expedition updates and answer questions from those planning Pandoran trips.[4][12] ACE can send online updates from Pandora to Earth in real time through an exoplanetary satellite.[13] The first image of Pandora posted on Visit Pandora social media channels was delayed due to compatibility issues. Said issues were later solved by downgrading to older interstellar communication specifications.[14][15]

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Trivia Edit

  • Alpha Centauri Expeditions' interstellar travel license number, as shown in a pamphlet at D23 Expo 2015, is 19982007DAK-8802009. 1998 is the year that Disney's Animal Kingdom opened and DAK is an abbreviation for the park. 880 refers to Project 880 and 2009 is the year the first Avatar film premiered.


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