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Dr. Anthony Ossman
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Dr. Anthony Ossman

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Molly Ossman - daughter


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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game NDS

Dr. Anthony Ossman is an expert within the Avatar program, but he also researches Pandoran animals. More specifically, he is making great progress in finding ways to alter their behavior.

He has a daughter named Molly Ossman, who is in a coma. It's revealed that this is the reason Dr. Ossman came to Pandora and joined the Avatar program: to find some sort of cure for his daughter's condition. Molly is able to walk around in her avatar body, but when she disconnects from her avatar she lies still in her Link Chamber.

Avatar: The Game[]

Ossman and his thanator

Ossman was undertaking research into unobtanium and Pandoran animals, and during a flight over Greenhome, a machine fell from his Samson. Nok discovered it and later met Ossman when he landed his Dragon Assault Ship on top of the Tawkami Clan's Hometree. Ossman fled to Site 32, his base in the Skycliffs, but Nok gave pursuit. Nok chased him to the base in the Distant Forest and eventually to the Highcrags.

Because of Nok's meddling in human affairs, Dr. Ossman blames him for his daughter's views. In the Hammerhead Graveyard, Ossman manages to trap Nok, and Molly is severely injured while trying to rescue him. Thankfully, Lungoray is nearby and takes Molly away to be treated back at his hut. Ossman flees, leaving his daughter behind.

He retreats to his laboratory deep within Blightground, but Nok pursues once again. Ossman even sends one of the controlled thanators after him, but his own invention electrocuted him and sent him into a coma.