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"A sanctuary littered with the bones of ancient animals"[1]

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The Anurai clan is a noble Na'vi clan, renowned as meticulous artisans and craftsmen. They spare no detail when working on their creations, drawing on the materials around them. A masterful balance of spirit and ingenuity has set them apart from the other clans. Wild imagination and visionary prowess guide them to scavenge the vast, bone-littered land in which they live. Both playful and musical, they specialize in fashioning instruments from the bones of animals long laid to rest; skeletal remnants of the thanator- totem of the Anurai and the deadliest land predator on Pandora - are the most coveted of all. Using these and whatever other materials they may find, the Anurai continuously invent and create beautiful objects such as necklaces and sculptures.[2]

Most members of the Anurai clan were slaughtered by Sean Wallen, who wanted their artifacts so that he could sell them on Earth's black market for profit. The clan was reduced to a handful of revenge-seeking vigilantes by his actions.


Entu - Originally from Omaticaya clan, later known for being Anurai storyteller.
Kyuna - Rai'uk's sister, who also survived the onslaught.
Morang Portrait
Morang - Skilled hunter and dancer.
Rai'uk - Last of the clan along with his sister.
Tsu'mong Portrait
Tsu'mong - Crafter turned warrior after most of his clan died.
Ukawla Portrait
Ukawla - Old forager usually found in bone graveyard sanctuary.



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