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The Aranahe clan, also known as the Kinglor Forest clan, is a clan of Na'vi weavers that live in the Silk Woods of the Kinglor Forest, located in the Western Frontier of Pandora.

The clan is led by its Olo'eyktan, Ka'nat, and his daughter, the Tsahìk Etuwa, though the two do not always see eye to eye.

Culture and Habitat[]

FOP Aranahe clan

Concept art by Rafael Kowalski

The Aranahe are stylish, sophisticated, and intellectual, reveling in all the arts, but especially weaving the fine silk of the kinglor. The Aranahe have learned to survive by abiding by long-standing traditions and valuing the needs of the community over the wants of the individual. They frown upon those who would question these ancient ways. The Aranahe are known for their dyes and their knowledge with dyes is shown everywhere in their hometree and clothing. They trade dyes and textiles with other clans, possibly including the Sarentu clan. They have a connection with the kinglor, a moth-like species that produces the silk used by the Aranahe for their creations.

They live in a Hometree. Its many chambers and twisting corridors of the mighty tree are adorned with painted tapestries and dyed silks, displaying the artistic way of life of its inhabitants. Naturally one of the nesting places of the kinglor, it has recently received them in numbers that are threatening its stability.

The clan connects to Eywa at the Glade of Light, a mountainous grove of Trees of Voices nestled amongst waterfalls. The Glade of Light also hosts important communal gatherings of the Aranahe.


Attacks by the RDA[]

The clan's previous tsahìk was Asahe, the partner of Ka'nat and Etuwa's mother. Asahe saw that the hearts of the Sky People were poisoned by greed and ignorance. Unfortunately, she was fatally injured in an RDA ambush while assisting The Resistance. The Resistance ensured she was returned to Hometree, but Ka'nat threatened to kill the humans if they ever came close to Hometree again and became wary of ever confronting the RDA again.

Eventually, the Aranahe discovered that the local kinglor populations were fleeing their natural feeding grounds, and the clan began sheltering the creatures in their hometree. This, however, threatened the stability of their hometree.

Call to Fight (Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora)[]

After The Sarentu awoke from cryostasis, they sought the aid of the Aranahe clan once more after being rescued by Etuwa. With her help, as well as Nefika and Eetu's, the Sarentu gained the trust of the Aranahe and bonded with the kinglor queen. In her memories, they witnessed the RDA's surveying balloons releasing a radar signal that caused the kinglor flowers to close up, starving the kinglor. With help from Etuwa, the Sarentu successfully destroyed a nearby RDA base that was sending the signal to the balloons. Impressed and inspired by the Sarentu's actions, Ka'nat agreed to help the Resistance once more.

Later, with the kinglor flowers now open, the Sarentu helped Etuwa return the kinglor to their natural environment. During the assault on John Mercer's stronghold in the Kinglor Forest, the Aranahe joined the fight and helped end his destructive practices in the Western Frontier.


Na'vi Status Title Portrait
Ka'nat Alive Olo'eyktan of the Aranahe clan
Etuwa Alive Tsahìk of the Aranahe clan/Ka'nat's daughter
Nefika Alive Weaver
Aleymun Alive Hunter
Eetu Alive Hunter
Kayì Alive Death doula
Kitangi Alive Bow master/Nefika's great friend
Koranu Alive Weaver
Ley'taw Alive Lead gatherer
Lurei Alive Nefika's daughter/Lead musician
Nawuk Alive Tanner
Neyan Alive Kitagi's son/Lurei's half-brother/Hunter
Neytu Alive Aleymun's young sister/Dyer
Nilngan Alive Musician
Ongwi Alive Lurei and Neyan's father/Master hunter
Relun Alive Chef
Sa'nop Alive Koranu's father
Taheywu Alive Nawuk's son/Weaver
Tsu'kiri Alive Gatherer
Vefilu Alive Nawuk's older sister/Hunter
Vu'an Alive Gatherer