The Armor Bay is a facility in the Hell's Gate (RDA ESC 01) complex on Pandora used as an armory and motor pool for equipment used by the RDA SecOps staff.

Designed for security and rapid force deployment, the Armor Bay is the core of Hell’s Gate’s defenses. Housed inside its large, fortified hanger and at the ready are Dragon Assault Ships configured for battle domination, Scorpion Gunships, Samson Tiltrotors, heavy duty, Model 10 Slash Cutters, and an array of AMP suits, among other attack craft, support vehicles, and battle-ready machinery.

Description[edit | edit source]

Located adjacent to the Hell's Gate landing facilities, the Armor Bay also incorporates barracks for SecOps personnel assigned to Pandora.

Parker Selfridge watching the Armor Bay.

The Hell's Gate Armor Bay and its munitions stockpile is believed to be one of the largest concentrations of light to medium weaponry outside Earth. The Armor Bay is constructed with meter-thick walls of concrete and fused local rock. Its doors are made from reinforced, magnetically actuated titanium alloy. The roof is constructed of three-meter-thick reinforced concrete with a surface layer of glassified local rock for additional strength and protection. Its specifications are believed to be sufficient to resist physical assault by the largest known Pandoran megafauna.

Much of the Armor Bay was originally designated for mining equipment stowage, civilian vehicle parking and maintenance, and additional recreational facilities. Instead, the fabricators brought out for mining equipment maintenance were repurposed to make ammunition and razor wire; the mining machines themselves were used to dig defensive earthworks or fitted with armored cabs and giant knives and sent OTW (outside the wire) to engage Pandoran megafauna.

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