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The Assault Rifle is the standard RDA weapon used mostly by elite troops. The Assault Rifle is a modified CARB Base Unit with attached day/night holographic sites and the notable grenade launcher[1]. This weapon is therefore, used when a CARB Unit needs more firepower to fend off the native fauna of Pandora. This fully automatic weapon with an optional under-slung grenade launcher is used by the RDA forces on Pandora in Avatar: The Game and is available to the player when siding with the RDA. It is popular among troops for its high rate of fire, good accuracy and large magazine size and can bring down Na'vi warriors and viperwolves before they get close enough to do any substantial damage.


The rifle uses a bullpup configuration (action and magazine are both behind the trigger), allowing for an increases in the relative length of the barrel and thus more lethality at a distance. As aforementioned, this is a standard CARB Automatic Rifle modified with an extended barrel, 20mm munitions launcher, and/or day/night stabilized optical zoom scope. Ammo for the munitions launcher includes fin-stabilized high explosives, grenades, or tactical buckshot. The launcher has an optional air-burst capability.


In game the player carries 300 rounds of ammo, and there are four models that are unlocked through the course of the RDA story. The weapon does roughly the same amount of damage as the Standard Issue Rifle but has a shorter range. This is compensated for by the high rate of fire the assault rifle offers and the underslung grenade launcher. The variants offered are as follows:

  • TERRA I- damage 5/20, rate of fire 15/20, range 11/20, magazine size: 50 rounds
  • EURYIS II- damage 6.5/20, rate of fire 15/20, range 11/20, magazine size: 75 rounds
  • SOLARIS III- damage 7.5/20, rate of fire 15/20, range 11/20, magazine size: 100 rounds
  • SOLARIS IV- damage 9/20, rate of fire 15/20, range 11/20, magazine size: 150 rounds

In multiplayer you carry 400 rounds of ammunition and all models are identical with damage 5/20, rate of fire 15/20, range 13.5/20, magazine size: 100 rounds. The models in multiplayer are the following:

  • PIERCE- orange
  • ACE- yellow
  • TERRA- green
  • FORMA- blue

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