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Avatar: Brothers is the first comic from Dark Horse's Avatar comic line. It was a special issue written for Free Comic Book Day 2017 by Sherri L. Smith, illustrated by Doug Wheatley, and colored by Wes Dzioba. The cover art was done by Dave Wilkins.[1] The lettering was done by Michael Heisler.[2] The full issue was available to read online for free with a Dark Horse Digital account. It is provided in the Avatar: Tsu'tey's Path paperback. Brothers is a very short comic with only 12 pages.

Brothers focuses on Jake Sully's bond with the Great Leonopteryx, strengthening it through his memories of his brother and the stories he shared about great historical & mythical partnerships. The story is set during the events of the first film as a "comic book exclusive scene" with Jake preparing for the final battle in the Pandoran War, showing what happened between him jumping onto the Great Leonopteryx and him arriving at the Tree of Souls. The issue also features a preview of another Dark Horse published comic, Briggs Land, written by Brian Wood and illustrated by Werther Dell'Edera.

Mashable previewed the finalized cover and first two pages of the FCBD 2017 issue on January 31st, 2017. The cover is mostly unchanged from the original art previewed, with the exception of the likeness on it changed to Jake in his battle gear during the Assault on the Tree of Souls.[3]


On August 21, 2154, Jake Sully is looking for a way to regain the trust of the Omatikaya clan. On his ikran, he hunts the Great Leonopteryx, while at the same time talks about his brother and the only thing that united them despite their differences: a love for an old storybook about the great heroes of Earth. Most of all, Jake liked the story of Alexander the Great and how as a child the future king-conqueror tamed a huge black stallion, having studied the habits of the animal and managed to find an approach to it.

Jumping onto the back of the Leonopteryx, Jake struggled to hold on and do the tsaheylu, all the while managing to yell how much he loves his legs, because if he hadn't grabbed them behind the beast's back, he would have already done so, flown into the air. I usually. Trying to remove it, the Leonopteryx collapsed into the water... and meanwhile, behind the scenes, Jake said that his brother's favorite character from the book was Bellerophon, a hero who once decided to reach Olympus, the abode of the gods. gods, and for this he saddled the pegasus, a winged horse.

After bonding with the Leonopteryx, Jake, the Toruk, and his ikran fly together for a while while Jake convinces the giant beast to help him protect Pandora. A Samson emerges from the forest. The pilot prepares to fire and Jake, the Toruk and his Ikran attack him.


  • Jake's expression on the Free Comic Book Day 2017 cover strongly resembles his expression on the Sideshow Collectibles Hot Toys 1:6 scale Jake Sully collectable figure.