Avatar: Collector's Vault 3D
Book Information
Author Various
Country USA
Language English
Genre Fiction, Fantasy
Publisher Titan Books
Release date 15 Nov 2010
Media type Paperback
Pages 96
ISBN 0857682040
ISBN-13 978-0857682048

Avatar: Collector's Vault is a companion guide to the Avatar film, which makes use of anaglyph 3D images.

Product DescriptionEdit

As you make your way through James Cameron’s Avatar Collector’s Vault 3D, you will journey through stunning terrain that few human eyes have seen – the world of the Na’vi, the 10-foot-tall blue-skinned humanoids who inhabit Pandora. View the moon’s amazing creatures, ranging from the gentle, spirit-powered wood sprite to fearsome predators such as the thanator and the great flying leonopteryx.


The Collector's Vault contains a pair of 3D glasses.

Presented in a slipcase, with a pair of 3D glasses, this stunning oversized hardcover is packed with exclusive photos, and also includes more than 60 special features and removable pieces.


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