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Avatar: Reckoning
Game Information
Developer Archosaur Games
Publisher Level Infinite
Engine Unreal Engine 4[1]
Platform iOS / Android
Released 2023[2]
Genre MMO mobile RPG shooter[2][3]
Media type Video game

Avatar: Reckoning is an upcoming video game for mobile devices in development for the Avatar franchise. The game is being developed by Archosaur Games and published by Level Infinite.[2] The official trailer for the game was released on June 27, 2022, and mentioned that the game had been delayed from a 2022 release to a 2023 release.



Avatar- Reckoning - Official Trailer

Official trailer

The story takes place in never-before-seen parts of Pandora where players will meet new Na'vi clans fighting to defend their home and battle the RDA for the resources.[1] The protagonist of the game is given the default call-sign of Raven and the plot of the game focuses around their mission to uncover the truth about what happened to their parents, who went missing after their Samson vessel was attacked and crashed into the jungle.


Avatar: Reckoning was officially announced on January 13, 2022 with a closed beta planned for Canada the same month.[2][4] The developers, Archosaur Games, are a mainland China based company specializing in mobile MMO development backed by Tencent, Perfect World, and Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited.[5][3] The first closed beta testing began in January 24 in Canada and lasted for 10 days.[3]


Gameplay trailer

The game features single-player and co-op functions, with PVP modes. Players are able to create their own avatar, who levels up and can be equipped with gear and weapons.[1] Players join Na’vi clans to fight off waves of RDA troops in both solo and multiplayer matches.[6]

The game is built on Unreal Engine 4, like Archosaur's Dragon Raja, with touchscreen tailored combat.[7][1]


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