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This article is about the Mobile game. You may be looking for iOS/Android version of Avatar: The Game.

Avatar: The Mobile Game is one of several Avatar video game adaptations of the original film, and was released on December 2, 2009, for a range of mobile phones.[1] It was launched in over a dozen different variations for screen resolutions and touch input, ranging from 176x220px to 360x640px.[2]

According to Joshua Izzo, every Avatar video game that was released in 2009 is now non-canon, including this one. The game heavily conflicts with established continuity (see continuity errors).


The game follows the adventures of Jake Sully, on his first excursion in his new Avatar body. Grace Augustine remained in radio contact with him. While marking unobtanium deposits, Jake noticed Neytiri and decided to follow her. Upon their first meeting, he fell unconscious and entered a dream-hunt.

A spirit came to him in the vision, and through hallucinogenic imagery warned him of the humans burning the forest. Upon waking, Jake followed Neytiri once more atop his banshee, but he crashed after a group of humans intervened.

Grace warned him of a plot to destroy Na'vi villages with explosives, and he set out to help stop it. He also went on to rescue a group of Na'vi prisoners from the Unobtanium Mine, including Neytiri and Tse'huk, leader of the Ni'awve clan. Tse'huk warned him of the coming attack on the Tree of Souls, and Jake flew there to intervene.

He encountered heavy resistance on the way, managing to down a Dragon Assault Ship. His banshee injured, he was forced to land and climb the remainder of the route afoot. Jake fought several humans who tried to stop him, but ultimately managed to reach the Tree of Souls in time.



A screenshot

The game is a sidescrolling platformer, with a small combat aspect. The game is arranged in a series of levels that must be completed, along with a few bonus flying levels. In each level the player can collect woodsprites, which are used to purchase upgrades. There are also totems dotted around the various maps which can be used to pray to Eywa and gain additional woodsprites.


Continuity Errors[]

  • The introduction states that the year is 2086 (2056 in some versions), instead of 2154.
  • Colonel Quaritch's name is misspelled "Quarritch". Likewise, Jake Sully's surname is given as 'Salli'.
  • Despite it being his first outing in an avatar body, Jake has seemingly already bonded a banshee.
  • John Cage is present as a boss, despite being killed by Ryan Lorenz in 2134 (though both characters are now also considered non-canonical anyway).
  • Jake and Neytiri are warned of the imminent attack on the Tree of Souls by Tse'huk, instead of Max Patel.
  • Jake did not visit the unobtanium mine on the day of the final battle.