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Avatar: Tsu'tey's Path is a six issue comic miniseries focusing on Tsu'tey. The miniseries takes place during the events of the first Avatar film and features events that were only alluded to in the original movie. Tsu'tey's Path is the first major release from Dark Horse's Avatar comic line. The comic is chronologically followed by Avatar: The Next Shadow.

The miniseries is written by Sherri L. Smith, penciled by Jan Duursema, inked by Dan Parsons, and colored by Wes Dzioba. The covers are illustrated Doug Wheatley, with variant covers by Shea Standefer.[1][2][3] Most of the Tsu'tey's Path team previously worked on Avatar: Brothers.

Dark Horse announced Avatar: Tsu'tey's Path on September 27, 2018, with a first issue release date of January 16, 2019.[4] The second issue was released on February 13, 2019.[5] The third issue was released on March 13, 2019.[6] The fourth issue was released on May 1, 2019, delayed from its original April 17 release date.[7][8]. Issue 5 came out on June 26, delayed from its original June 12 release date, with the sixth and final issue released on August 26, 2019, delayed twice from release in July.[9][10][11][12] A trade paperback collection of the miniseries, along with Avatar: Brothers, was released on November 27, 2019.[13]


Issue 1[]

Tsu'tey, proud warrior of the Omatikaya clan, betrothed to Neytiri, has his life turned upside down by the arrival of Jake Sully of the Sky People.

Tsu'tey reluctantly meditates with Mo'at, Eytukan, and Neytiri at the Tree of Souls. Mo'at and Eytukan emphasize the importance of patience and the upcoming responsibilities of Tsu'tey and Neytiri as the respective Olo'eyktan and Tsahìk of the Omatikaya clan. Tsu'tey leaves to join his group waiting hunter trainees, formed of three senior members, lead by Takuk, and two less experienced ones, Ka'ani and Saeyla. After a night time survival training and climbing practice, Takuk and the senior female trainee, Maru, explain to the newbies why Tsu'tey pushes himself and his charges so hard; even though he's betrothed to Neytiri, he's still in love with Sylwanin, Neytiri's deceased sister.


Tsu'tey's group capturing Jake

Later that night, Tsu'tey and his students capture Jake Sully, which immediately puts them at odds with Neytiri. As humans are forbidden on Omatikaya land, Tsu'tey wants to kill Jake as an example to them. Neytiri convinces him that the issue is a matter for Mo'at. The group brings Jake to Mo'at and Eytukan. After Mo'at questions Jake, Eytukan decides to let him stay and have Neytiri teach him about Na'vi culture due to his curious status as a "warrior Dreamwalker". Despite his student's reluctance and his own disapproval, Tsu'tey tells them to respect Eytukan's decision.

Tsu'tey travels to the Tree of Voices in an attempt to commune with Sylwanin's spirit before Neytiri arrives. They discuss how much they miss Sylwanin and their concerns about Jake. While Tsu'tey firmly believes that humans only bring death, Neytiri believes it's an opportunity to learn from him and teach humans another path beyond the damage they've already done to the Na'vi and Pandora.

Issue 2[]

From his first meeting with Jake Sully to his acceptance of the Last Shadow, Tsu'tey's life takes a path he could not anticipate, and which the film told only a part. Return to Pandora as the story of Avatar is told from the perspective of Tsu'tey, warrior of the Omatikaya tribe. Collects issues #1-#6 of the series, plus the short story ''Brothers'' from Free Comic Book Day 2017.

Tsu'tey explains the importance of Ka'ani and Saeyla's next task: bonding with a direhorse. The two newbies succeed with varying amounts of difficulty. After some discussion with Tsu'tey, Eyutkan recommends that Ka'ani and Saeyla undertake the rite of passage to bond and ride an ikran. The senior trainees disagree with Tsu'tey, but he sees it as a way to show Eytukan the strength of their heart and spirit and to show up Jake. The trainees disagree on whether or not Eytukan or Tsu'tey have the best judgement on Jake Sully, but Tsu'tey discourages them from seeing him as inherently better than Eytukan because of his youth and strength.

Sylwanin Comic

Sylwanin's spirit appears

Tsu'tey goes to the Tree of Voices to seek Sylwanin's guidance. She manifests in front of him as a spirit that lacks knowledge of her death and what happened after it. He explains what happened after her absence. As Sylwanin was original Omatikaya tsahik-in-training and Tsu'tey's betrothed before her untimely death, Tsu'tey believes that she has a better sense of "the spirit of the People" than he does and asks her what he should do next. She tells him that she remains a girl while things have changed and that he should get insight from those wiser than her among the living.

Tsu'tey entrusts Takuk to look over Ka'ani and Saeyla's direhorse training while he discusses introspective matters with the other senior male trainee, Atan. They ride over to where Jake is undertaking his own direhorse training, having faceplanted into the mud right before Tsu'tey's arrival. After a brief talk where Jake has his suspicions of Tsu'tey knowing English confirmed, Tsu'tey rides off still highly unimpressed by the other man.

After consulting with Mo'at, where she encourages to prepare for everything in times of change, Tsu'tey joins Neytiri in leading Jake, Ka'ani and Saeyla to Ikran Makto. He encourages the newbies to stay back to watch and learn from Jake's mistakes, as they were born to do this while Jake was not. Jake's success in the ritual shocks Tsu'tey.

After the ritual, Saeyla encourages Atan to join the group in dancing. He asks where Tsu'tey is, to which Saeyla responds that Tsu'tey can't dance and that he is probably with Neytiri. Meanwhile, at the Tree of Voices, Neytiri is still amazed at how well Jake was able to tame his ikran, which worries Tsu'tey as Jake is not Na'vi. This doesn't concern Neytiri, as Jake is strong in heart and body and is learning. When she says that they shall learn too, Tsu'tey is confused. Neytiri clarifies, since Tsu'tey missed what happened during his training and worrying about Jake's role in the clan: Grace Augustine is back, which Neytiri sees as a good sign that the Omatikaya clan might have a school again too.

Issue 3[]

A clash of cultures and a romantic triangle set the stage for conflict. The Sky People--humans--attack the Na'vi, but as Tsu'tey prepares to lead a war party in response, he is confronted by the fact that his betrothed has chosen Jake Sully over him!

Grace Comic

Tsu'tey reunites with Grace

Atan spots Tsu'tey in the bushes hiding from Grace Augustine and after asking his apprentice what he looks like he says ("Worried... no, uh... fierce?") Tsu'tey says well, the mighty warrior Omatikaya finally comes out of hiding. Grace, for her part, is busy with some children, and Tsu'tey greets her quite friendly, to which he greets her with the traditional phrase "I see you" and when Grace asks if he remembers his lessons, he says yes, calling her sa'nok, meaning "mother", and Sylwanin's spirit smiles as the Na'vi and the avatar join palms. After that, Tsu'tey is called to hunt, and it turns out that Grace already knows - Jake told her; the mention of his name is not to Tsu'tey's liking, but in response, Grace warns him with a smile that Jake will still be able to surprise him. Tsu'tey states that this is what he fears.

In the Great Hunt Tsu'tey's party rides ikrans over the large herd of sturmbeest, and Ka'ani, having shot one, misses, to which Tsu'tey tells him to try again. Saeyla doesn't fare much better, being too impatient, and Tsu'tey urges her to stay focused and shoot before the beast can run any further. Meanwhile, Takuk, chasing the herd into direhorse, successfully kills one of the animals with an accurate shot, causing a wave of excitement among the younger members of the group, and Jake on his banshee accurately hits the blowhole. From the sturmbeest with the arrow and Tsu'tey who was watching him, he seems to be watching the avatar intently... so intently that he almost misses the moment when Saeyla and Ka'ani successfully complete the task and take down two more beasts. Hunting can definitely be considered successful.

The Hunting Festival arrives, and the Omatikayas dance between the fire, drink kava and have fun. Tsu'tey offers Jake a drink from the cup, and he accepts the challenge to shouts of approval from the other Na'vi, after which Tsu'tey confesses that he hadn't taken the earth warriors seriously before. considering them cowards. In the middle of the conversation, Neytiri takes Jake to dance, and Saeyla, taking advantage of the moment, tries to do the same with Tsu'tey... but he doesn't give in, ordering Ka'ani to dance with her. After that, he leaves for the Tree of Souls, but Saeyla follows him; she stubbornly tried to impose herself on him as a partner and Tsu'tey gets furious and abruptly shoos the student away and she runs away crying.

After spending the whole night alone, the next morning, Tsu'tey learns that trouble has occurred: the tree of voices were destroyed by bulldozers, and the Na'vi detachment, who saw the sacrilege, was forced to retire in front of the machines. At the general meeting of the clan, Tsu'tey is ordered by Eytukan to assemble a fighting squad and stop the invasion: Grace's attempts to stop him are unsuccessful, and Neytiri's appearance with Jake only makes the situation worse, because Neytiri soon admits that he and Jake became a couple in front of Eywa. Angrily grabbing his knife, Tsu'tey attacks Jake.

Issue 4[]

Passion turns to hatred as Tsu'tey and Jake Sully go blade-to-blade! But forces beyond their control have a different fate in store for them--and all of the Na'vi: the humans have come in their sky-ships, ready for a slaughter!


Tsu'tey attacks Jake for mating with Neytiri

An enraged Tsu'tey attacks Jake, but he deftly withstands the blow and calls out to the other clan members, reminding them that he too is now one of them and therefore has the right to speak. Tsu'tey reluctantly agrees, after which Jake is about to confess that a heavy burden is on his heart... but then Grace's avatar suddenly blacks out, and shortly after, Jake disconnects from the connection. Taking advantage of the situation, Tsu'tey pounces on him and is about to cut the "demon in a fake body" throat but Neytiri defends her lover and throwing her ex-fiancé.

Furious, Tsu'tey retreats; Saeyla's timid attempts to apologize only infuriate him further, after which he declares that it is time to prepare the weapons. As the squad members prepare to attack, Mo'at turns to Tsu'tey, urging him to be careful, for he is overcome with anger; when Tsu'tey, in turn, asks if she doesn't feel the same way, and she admits that she does, but unlike him, she's not as proud...or vindictive. Tsu'tey objects that his anger serves the People, but Mo'at disagrees: his anger only serves him, after which he remembers the fate of the Sylwanin, who were also guided by anger... and there is no need to make him remember what his end was.

Meanwhile, Maru calls Saeyla in for a serious talk to discuss her relationship with Tsu'tey. When the younger hunter aggressively asked if she had any liking for Tsu'tey, Maru objected with a laugh: all you want is a strong and wise Olo'eyktan, as well as a tsahik, who would be your support and help. So will Saeyla approach Mo'at and ask her to take herself as tsahik instead of Neytiri? When Saeyla rudely interrupts the older student, stating that it's none of her business, Maru agrees: Of course, it's none of her business...but they're going to war, and if she doesn't come back, who else will it be? able to say all this to her? When Saeyla sheepishly protests, Maru sternly reminds her that they must be ready to die for their people: after all, this is what they learned to be warriors for.

During the squad meeting, Eytukan asks where Neytiri is (after all, even she must fight for the good of her clan) and Tsu'tey tells Ka'ani to bring her. However, he quickly returns, declaring that "the demon has awakened", and Jake appears there, accompanied by Grace and Neytiri: he has something to say to his leader. With a heavy heart, he confesses his sin against the Omatikaya, thus drawing the ire of all the clansmen, including Neytiri, after which both he and Grace are tied to the altar, hoping to stop the People's invasion. from the sky. And now, at last, the skies above the Hometree are darkened by the approaching air squadron...

Issue 5[]

Hometree falls in a surge of roaring fire as the humans unleash the might of their airborne armada. Eytukan, the great chief of the Omatikaya, is dead, and Tsu'tey must assume the mantle of leader--even though it appears the only place he can lead his people is to their destruction!

Despite Jake's urges to retreat, Eytukan orders Tsu'tey to mount the Ikrans and attack the Sky People vehicles from above. With his squad assembled, the warrior begins to climb to the top of the Hometree just as the RDA launches gas grenades, causing the Na'vi to panic. Eytukan asks his people to remain calm and the warriors start shooting the enemy with bows and arrows; an agitated Atan asks his master what they should do, and Tsu'tey replies "what they can." At the same time, Colonel Quaritch, angered by the resistance, orders shoot to kill, and just as Atan has time to call Tsu'tey to let Saeyla and Ka'ani go, citing that the young men cannot fight when they are so scared, the RDA missiles start turning the Hometree into a fiery inferno.

AVATP i5 07

The destruction of Hometree

Having already climbed to the upper levels of the tree, Tsu'tey at first does not understand what is happening, but then he notices that the home tree begins to tilt downwards and he is seized with horror and distrust, he orders his warriors let them run away. Having summoned the ikrans, they manage to take off before being buried under branches, but Atan disappears without a trace, and his comrades are nowhere to find him. Enraged, Tsu'tey orders Maru and Takuk to find Mo'at, while he calls the others and goes in search of Eytukan. In the end, he discovers the leader already dead, and for a few moments mourns, sitting next to him, along with Ka'ani and Saeyla, who are carrying the wounded clansmen out in their ikrans. Taking Eytukan's body with him, Tsu'tey ties it to the back of his ikran and expresses hope that Mo'at is still alive; Saeyla adds that she hopes Neytiri is alive as well, after which the squad rises into the air.

Eytukan's body buried in the Tree of Souls

Mo'at saddened to bury Eytukan

Having found Mo'at and Neytiri, Tsu'tey bows to the tsahik, saying sadly that there is no death, only change, after which the surviving Omatikaya leave the burning ruins of their home. They go to the Tree of Souls, hoping to find hope there and also bury the fallen, including Eytukan, in the roots of the sacred tree, and Mo'at wishes that Eywa will grow a new tree on Eywa's body. each of those who were killed on this day of mourning. The tsahik then addresses Tsu'tey now the new Olo'eyktan, urging him to address the People; when the young warrior sadly replies that he disappointed his fellow clansmen, Mo'at objects "after a forest fire, the tree burns, but not the spirit". After that, Tsu'tey calls to postpone all matters until tomorrow "today they bid farewell to their dead and sing for them."

Gathered at the roots of the Tree of Souls, the Omatikaya begin their ritual chant as a huge shadow falls over them from above. Mo'at suggests that the Last Shadow has come to welcome death, but Tsu'tey corrects her "there is no death. There is only change"...

Issue 6[]

Tsu'tey and Jake Sully prepare for war against the Sky People. As the Omatikaya advance into battle, Tsu'tey must embrace his role as olo'eyktan--and confront the reality of the inevitable changes to come.

Tsu'tey (young) holding the body of Sylwanin

Tsu'tey reminded of his past with Sylwanin

Looking at the approaching Toruk Makto, Tsu'tey cannot suppress his inner fears: it seems to him that now the opponent, who received the power of the legendary Na'vi hero, will deal with him as cruelly as Tsu'tey once intended to him... but Jake is getting closer and there is no anger on his face. The leader must make a decision, no one will tell him which is better: when Jake recognizes him as Olo'eyktan and declares that he is ready to serve the people, Tsu'tey is reminded of his relationship with Sylwanin and compares it to Jake's and Neytiri's. Tsu'tey accepts his words and promises to fly with him. In response, Jake reports on Grace's dire condition and asks the Omatikaya for help. Tsu'tey allows her to turn to Mo'at so that she informs Eywa of her request.


The Na'vi fail to save Grace

After that, Tsu'tey reunites with his students: they are saddened by the death of those they lost, and together they remember Eytukan and Atan, who left after the destruction of the Hometree: "now they only have to save the that can still be saved. Later in the night, at the roots of the Tree of Souls, everyone participates in an attempt to save Grace, and Tsu'tey sees the spirits of Eytukan and Sylwanin, who, along with their clan, pray to Eywa to save Grace. let Grace live among the People. However, the attempt is unsuccessful: Grace dies, Tsu'tey, escorting her to Eywa, calls his sa'nok master one last time, after which he acts as interpreter when Jake decides to address all the Omatikaya. He issues a call to gather clans for a great battle, and they fly in all four directions to convey his words to one another. Tsu'tey and his disciples remain behind: in the sacred tree, remain those whom he promised to protect: old men and women with children, the last of the Omatikaya.

As Toruk Makto reunites clans, Tsu'tey and Mo'at organize funerals for fallen clan members. At night, the leader enters the service: Saeyla says that she will not interfere with the rest, but Maru tells her that the clan leader does not have time to rest. The next day, Ka'ani brings good news: the messengers have returned and swallowed help. On the night of the same day, Jake talks about the vulnerabilities of the RDA machines and at the same time, Neytiri suggests using intercoms: Tsu'tey agrees, just to prevent the humans from doing the same thing they did to their Home.


Tsu'tey reunites with Sylwanin in death

However, his fate is already predetermined: during the battle, Tsu'tey is mortally wounded, after which he falls to the ground from a great height, where he is found by other Na'vi. Before dying, Tsu'tey transfers the title of Olo'eyktan to Jake and accepts death at his hands, after which, with the sound of a prayer for the dead, his spirit leaves his body and is reunited with Sylwanin.


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