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Warrior's Journey Main Screen.jpg
Avatar: Warrior's Journey
Game Information
Developer Booster Pack
Engine Unity
Platform iOS
Released 19th May 2015 (iOS)
22nd May 2015 (Android)
Genre Endless runner
Media type Digital Download

Avatar: Warrior's Journey is an iOS and Android title which is set in the world of Pandora. The game was officially unveiled on the 19th of January, 2015 and was released that May in Singapore.[1] Despite being described as a Beta launch, the game was never updated and was later removed from both the Google Play and App stores some time within the first year of release.


The game was an endless runner.[2] There were also hints at some sort of skill or upgrade system. “As your skill grows, you will earn abilities, outfits, and ultimately your own place amongst the clans.” There is also an inventory and gear system.[3] Many new creatures were created for the game.[4]


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