The Avatar novel series was originally a planned set of novels intended to expand on the Avatar setting by Steven Charles Gould. The novel replaced plans for a Avatar prequel novel by James Cameron.

In 2017, Lightstorm Entertainment, Penguin Random House, and 20th Century Fox Consumer Products entered into a multi-year publishing deal to release Avatar books for kids and adults that "expand and enrich" the Avatar universe. James Cameron will be involved with development of the titles. The publishing strategy for the books is planned to begin in the leadup to Avatar 2 to and continue through and beyond the release of Avatar 5.[1][2]

Original Novel Series[edit | edit source]

The proposed Avatar novel based on the 2009 film, Avatar, was replaced by a set of four stand-alone novels within the Avatar universe to be written by sci-fi author Steven Gould.[3][4] James Cameron signed Gould onto the project in August 2013.[5] It is unknown if Gould's novels will be released under the Penguin Random House deal.

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