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This article is about The Mattel toy line. You may be looking for the McFarlane toy line.

Exclusive Movie Masters Jake Sully figure

In 2009, Mattel released a toyline to coincide with the release of Avatar. The 3.75 inch figures are the RDA figures. The 4.25 inch figures are the Na'vi and avatar figures. The larger 7 inch figures are the Mattel Movie Masters figures. Mattel also released a set of vehicles and creatures to go along with the 3.75 and 4.25 inch figures. Every avatar toy comes packaged with an I-Tag. The I-Tag allows you to control a 3-D model of whatever toy you bought. The website you go on to activate your I-Tag is http://www.avataritag.com/. Two additional I-Tags were available from Best Buy by preordering Ubisoft's Avatar: The Game, they were Beyda'amo, and the SWAN G.A.V.

3.75 inch 4.25 inch and Movie Masters Action Figures[]


Some of the Mattel toys available

The RDA 3.75 inch figures are the following: Jake Sully, Miles Quaritch, Dr. Grace Augustine, Trudy Chacon, Norm Spellman, Lyle Wainfleet, Sean Fike, Jake Sully (with long hair and Harley Davidson shirt), Parker Selfridge, and Sean Fike (with exopack).

The Na'vi/avatar 4.25 inch figures are the following: Neytiri, Neytiri (with bioluminescence), avatar Jake Sully, avatar Jake Sully (with bioluminescence and riding gear), avatar Jake Sully (with warrior gear), avatar Jake Sully (RDA clothes), avatar Grace Augustine, avatar Norm Spellman, avatar Norm Spellman (no shirt and bioluminescence), Eytukan, Eytukan (with bioluminescence), Akwey, Tsu'tey, and Tsu'Tey (with warrior gear). A Tsu'Tey figure with bioluminescence was also available but limited to inclusion with some versions of Ubisoft's Avatar:The Game. Another 4.25 inch Jake Sully was also available in the "Viperwolf Attack with Avatar Jake Sully" boxed set. It featured Jake Sully with torn RDA clothes holding a torch.

The Movie Masters figures are the following: Neytiri (with bioluminescence), avatar Jake Sully (with bioluminescence), avatar Jake Sully Warrior (with no bioluminescence), and Col. Miles Quaritch. Also, if Avatar:The Game was purchased at Target or on Amazon, a free Movie Masters Jake Sully (with RDA clothing) comes with it, which is shown in the picture above.

A playset, "The Final Battle," depicting the final battle between Jake Sully and Colonel Quaritch was available exclusively for the 2010 San Diego Comic Con. It featured the Movie Masters 7 inch Jake Sully Warrior figurine with a unique yelling head, a 3.75-inch Colonel Quaritch figurine with an exopack, and a damaged AMP Suit.


Na'vi and Direhorse figures

Creatures and Vehicles[]

Creatures toys

The creatures are the following: a thanator, Jake Sully's banshee, Tsu'tey's banshee (with bioluminescence), a direhorse, a direhorse (with bioluminescence), the great leonopteryx, andviperwolves (included in the "Viperwolf Attack with Avatar Jake Sully" boxed set).

The vehicles are the following: RDA Grinder, Scorpion Gunship, AMP Suit, and utility AMP Suit.

McDonald's Toys[]

Avatar Happy Meal Toys

Starting in December 2009, James Cameron's Avatar toys were brought to McDonald's. There were six toys total, and each toy lit up. Following toys could be received in a McDonald's Happy Meal: Jake Sully, a direhorse, Neytiri, the great leonopteryx, Tsu'tey, and the hammerhead titanothere.

The toys were a big hit and were kept around for about a month. The toys' light-up function could be triggered by either a button on the body, or by touching it. The figurines were followed by the toy line of Avatar figurines created by Mattel. The success of these toys hinted that they could appear in McDonald's Happy Meals in the future.


  • The toyline's RDA Gunship's packaging pictures Trudy Chacon flying it, however the RDA Gunship is made to portray the Scorpion Gunship, whereas Trudy flew a Samson Gunship.
  • Private Sean Fike is the only human figurine to come with an exopack, other than the exclusive Colonel Quaritch figurine from the 2010 San Diego Comic Con set.
  • Trudy Chacon is the only figurine to not come with a weapon. Instead, she comes with her pilot helmet.
  • Both figurines of Grace Augustine (human and avatar) came with a knife, although Grace was never seen with a knife (or any weapon) throughout the course of the film.
  • The Mattel Avatar figurines did not stay in stores for long, but they can still be bought online.
  • The variation of Jake Sully's banshee actually bears more resemblance to Neytiri's banshee, Seze. The figurine has been credited as both "Neytiri's banshee" and "Jake's banshee".