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This article is about The McFarlane toy line. You may be looking for the Mattel toy line.

In 2022, McFarlane Toys created the new Avatar toy line. Compared to the Mattel toy line from 2009, the McFarlane line has considerably more figures at a larger 7" scale. The line includes characters, creatures, and technology from the first Avatar film as well as ones from Avatar: The Way of Water in the second generation.

Most of the Na'vi, avatar and fauna figures as well as the flora include bioluminescent design features that glow under a black light. All toys are available separate or in bundles.

Wave 1 (Avatar)[]

7" Scale[]

McFarlane Collectible Figures display

The 7 inch and Mega figures

These are larger sized figures of major character from Avatar. They possess up to 22 points of articulation and come with accessories, alternate hands and a stand.
Note: "7-inch scale" does not necessarily mean that the figure itself is 7 inches tall.

  • Jake Sully
    Includes Jake's knife, bow and an arrow as well as two alternate hand positions that can be swapped in and out.
  • Neytiri
    Includes Neytiri's knife, bow and an arrow as well as two alternate hand positions that can be swapped in and out.
  • Colonel Miles Quaritch
    Includes three alternate hand positions, Quaritch's coffee mug, his WASP revolver, and a CARB Submachine Gun (both weapons have attachable muzzle flash). His head can be swapped out for a version that wears an exopack.

Mega Figures[]

These are larger sized figures that are to scale with the other collectible figures. They possess the same articulation as the 7-inch figures. The 7" scale figures fit on top or inside mega figures.

  • AMP Suit
    Includes an AMP Suit Knife and GAU-90 weapon. The 7" scale Quaritch figure fits inside of the cockpit.
  • Neytiri's Banshee Seze
    Can be posed flying or crawling. Poseable wire tail and collector's stand for display. The 7 inch scale Na'vi figures fit on top.
  • Jake Sully's Banshee Bob
    Can be posed flying or crawling. Poseable wire tail and collector's stand for display. The 7 inch scale Na'vi figures fit on top.

World of Pandora figures[]

McFarlane World of Pandora figures display

The Word of Pandora figures

These are smaller collectible figures with less detail and articulation at a lower price.

  • Mountain Banshees:
    These banshee figures have 5 points of articulation and bendable bodies. They come in three variants:
  • Neytiri and Banshee
    Neytiri on her banshee, Seze; the attachable Neytiri figure is posed in the riding position and features 6 points of articulation.
  • Jake Sully and Banshee
    Jake on his banshee, Bob; identical to the Neytiri and Banshee figure in pose and articulation.
  • Jake vs Thanator
    Medium figure set that includes a 2.5 inch Jake figure with 6 points of articulation, a thanator figure with 8 points, and a small diorama of Pandoran flora that the thanator can be attached to for posing.
  • Tsu'tey & Direhorse
    Medium figure set similar to Jake vs Thanator; includes 2.5 inch Tsu'tey figure with 6 points of articulation, a direhorse with 8, and a small Pandoran greenery display stand that the direhorse can attach to for posing. Tsu'tey can pose atop the direhorse.
  • AMP Suit and Colonel Miles Quaritch
    The AMP suit has 8 points of articulation, one interchangeable hand pose, AMP suit knife, and GAU-90 weapon. Includes a 1.25 inch Miles Quaritch figure with 4 points of articulation that can be placed inside the cockpit of the suit.
  • AT-99 Scorpion Gunship
    Includes an RDA figure in the cockpit and moveable rotors and wings.
  • Omatikaya Rainforest with Jake Sully:
    Larger diorama of a Pandoran rainforest, featuring various flora such as the warbonnet fern and helicoradians. Black-lights built in can be turned on and off to illuminate the scene. Also includes a small figure of Jake Sully with 6 points of articulation.
  • McFarlane Blind Boxes

    All blind boxes

    World of Pandora Blind Box
    These blind boxes contain one or two small figures along with two decorative scenery items. The packaging of the boxes themselves, which resemble mossy ground, become the stands and display areas for the figures. There are 24 different blind boxes to collect. The whole set is available in a display box. The 24 blind boxes are:
    • Akwey (with Goblin Thistle and Grass)
    • Blue Banshee (with Lichen and Fern)
    • Eytukan (with Lichen and Grass)
    • Grace Augustine as avatar (with Helicoradian and Fern)
    • Hexapede in alert pose (with Anemonid and Fern)
    • Hexapede grazing (with Fiddlehead and Grass)
    • Ikeyni in warpaint (with Chalice Plant and Fern)
    • Jake Sully with torch (with Helicoradian and Grass)
    • Jake Sully warrior (with Anemonid and Fern)
    • Jake Sully in wheelchair and Trudy Chacon with handgun (with Anemonid and Chalice Plant)
    • Miles Quaritch and Lyle Wainfleet (with Anemonid and Grass)
    • Mo'at (with Anemonid and Fern)
    • Neytiri with bow (with Anemonid and Lichen)
    • Neytiri with dagger and warpaint (with Anemonid and Chalice Plant)
    • Norm Spellman with rifle (with Anemonid and Lichen)
    • Prolemuris + Tetrapteron (with Goblin Thistle and Fern)
    • Prolemuris and Tetrapteron (with Goblin Thistle and Grass)
    • Slinth (with Fern and Grass)
    • Slinth (with Helicoradian and Anemonid)
    • Stingbat (with Goblin Thistle and Fern)
    • Two Tapirus (with Chalice Plant and Lichen)
    • Two viperwolves (with Anemonid and Goblin Thistle)
    • Two Viperwolves (with Helicoradian and Grass)
    • Viperwolf and Viperwolf Cubs (with Goblin Thistle and Fern)

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