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Sully family arrive at the village
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Eastern Sea, Pandora

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Avatar: The Way of Water

Awa'atlu is a village of the Metkayina clan on the coast of the Eastern Sea. It is led by the Olo'eyktan, Tonowari, and the Tsahìk, Ronal.


This village is located on one of the islands belonging to the archipelago inhabited by the Metkayina clan. It is found on the shores of the tropical ocean of Pandora, in coral reefs. The Metkayina's living spaces are adapted to the largely aquatic environment and lifestyle of the clan. Numerous rocks or roots protrude from the shallow water near the shore, which are the foundation for the construction of the individual houses called marui, and other useful structures. The village of Awa'atlu is protected by seawall terraces located in a radius of 6 kilometers from the coast.[1]. They also serve as natural breakwaters and fisheries.

Sea creatures that live in the village include highly intelligent ilus, skimwings, dorado verdes, and tulkuns. The latter are the spirit brothers and sisters of the Metkayina and live with them for part of the year and spend the remaining months in migration.


Avatar The Way of Water 07

The Sully family arriving

In 2170, the Sully family relocated to the village of Awa'atlu, seeking refuge from the RDA, especially the vengeful recom Quaritch. They asked for uturu, a Na'vi tradition that grants to any refugee seeking safe harbor. After a brief discussion, Tonowari and Ronal agreed to accept them into their clan, granting them their own marui. However, they feared that Jake's presence would lead them to war. After Kiri had a seizure, Jake summoned Norm Spellman and Max Patel, who had arrived at the village aboard a Samson. The presence of the vehicle allowed Quaritch to track the archipelago and by deduction, he assumed that Jake was hiding there. The enemy, however, never reached Awa'atlu.