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Ayawa Ikran
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Ayawa Ikran, also known as "the path to heaven", is the route up from the Empty Nest to the Banshee Rookery, at the core of the Iknimaya region of the Hallelujah Mountains. It is a convoluted path upwards, with floating platforms, vines and fatal drops on either side. Quite aside from the terrain, the area is populated with large numbers of scorpion thistles, banshees and other dangerous wildlife.

Notable Ascensions[]

2152: Able Ryder[]

Part of the route, as it appears in the game

Able Ryder was directed up the path by Beyda'amo towards the Banshee Rookery. He ascended, surviving wave after wave of attacks by the RDA who were mounting an assault on the entire region. He later returned during the descent on his new banshee.

2154: Jake Sully[]

Jake climbed the pathway as part of the rite of Iknimaya, in order to tame an Ikran. He did so with Neytiri and Tsu'tey. He was successful in his attempt.