Banshee Rookery
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The Banshee Rookery is home to hundreds of mountain banshees. It is located high within the Hallelujah Mountains which provide protection from most predators.

In the Na'vi culture, the rookery serves an important role for all Na'vi who are taking part in the rite of passage known as Iknimaya. To become a hunter with the clan, a Na'vi must bond with a mountain banshee. However, he or she must first climb the perilous route to the rookery where the banshees are. Once there, young Na'vi must choose their mountain banshee and the Na'vi must also be chosen by that banshee. This is a dangerous process, as mountain banshees will attempt to kill the Na'vi that they choose.

"Banshee Rookery" may refer to one or more locations within the Hallelujah Mountains where mountain banshees nest.

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