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Banshee of Paradise
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Bansheba terrestre


7 meters


7-8 meters

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The banshee of paradise (Na'vi name: awaiei), also known as the banshee of the earth, is a large, exotic-looking herb with a curved, tubular plant body, long spines and large edible seeds. When the wind blows though the tubular body, a wailing sound is emitted, for which it was named. Kxanìa Taw is a key habitat for them.

Defensive capabilities[edit | edit source]

By using an infrared sensing gland, the banshee of paradise can pinpoint locations of any nearby creature or threat, and ejects very large, poison-filled spines at its target. This mechanism makes it the most dangerous flora of all on Pandora. Some activists believe that these flora are being used as a natural defensive barrier around RDA outposts.

Other Uses[edit | edit source]

Na'vi have been known to blow through the tubular stem as a horn to alert intruders to stay away. Also, the seeds of the banshee of paradise are common food source for the Na'vi. The large seeds grow on the backside of the plant, allowing somewhat safe harvesting. The seeds are difficult to harvest by any creature other than the Na'vi.

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