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Feru m'predu'k
Mak'i m'predu'k



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Storage and transportation of food and materials

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Most Na'vi woven baskets (Na'vi name: feru m'predu'k) incorporate a design reminiscent of the Terran Chinese finger puzzles. They are used mainly for transportation of food and materials, and they come in an array of sizes. They are made from a system of complex weaves made from flax-like leaves (including razor palm), a wooden plug, twine, and beads. The basket's opening and its wooden plug become tighter and more secure as more pressure is applied; when a basket is hung or carried by the plug, it remains sealed, and its contents secure. To open the basket, one simply pushes down on the plug to be released. A variety of Na'vi baskets share a common design.[1] For example, the Water Carrier.

The Na'vi also use baskets (Na'vi name: Mak'i m'predu'k) made from hollowed out seed pods. Large seedpods are hollowed out and equipped with rope, twine, leather, and woven materials into a kind of open top backpack. Mostly used in conjunction with leather head strap. Those are generally one meter long by .75 meters wide, or roughly the size of a Na'vi back. Large seedpods work well as backpacks when fitted with an exterior harness. The simple, functional basket is often lavishly decorated, both to honor the natural world and also to display the maker’s pride in his or her craftsmanship.[2]

Materials and Construction[]

Complex weave made from flax-like leaves, wooden plug, twine, and beads. [3]


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