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Battle Band
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Coppery brown

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The Battle Band is a piece of armor manufactured by the Kekunan Clan. This aesthetically intricate piece is reserved for riding a banshee in a great battle, or a special ceremony. The beauty of the piece represents clan members' sense of pride in their ability to confidently ride a banshee, particularly in battle. It is a result of achievement, training through insurmountable pain, and fierce determination where anything is possible. This sentiment is expressed through an ancient Na'vi saying, handed down throughout generations: 'Nurture physically and spiritually with a forever hunger that may one day feed the greater good of all. Eywa believes in us and with Eywa there is unbreakable belief in oneself.' It is believed that Eywa will watch over those who wear the band as they soar through the sky.[1]

Jake Sully wears a Kekunan Battle Band during the Assault on the Tree of Souls.

Materials and Construction[]

The armor is woven with flecks of gold string to reflect the sun. It is a durable piece of weaving, wrapping around the torso with a cord over one shoulder containing a sheath for a knife. The material is soft to the touch.

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