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Destruction of The Hometree

The Battle of Vayaha Village
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Pandoran War



  • Several of the Na'vi warriors
  • Dr. Harper
  • Ryder's human body

The Battle of Vayaha Village was a conflict between the RDA and Tipani clan in Avatar: The Game.

Beginning of the battle[]

The battle starts shortly after Able Ryder and Dr. René Harper arrive at Vayaha Village. While Ryder travels deeper into Iknimaya in search of an ikran, a small group of Na'vi, including Harper's avatar attack the RDA base at the Blue Lagoon to recover his and Able Ryder's human bodies. Simultaneously, a small group of human soldiers attacked the village but were repulsed.

The first Dragon Assault Ship crashes

When Ryder completes his bond with an ikran, Harper contacts him and tells that he and the Na'vi have captured the link chambers but are suffering heavy casualties. Ryder pilots his ikran, then removes all the communication towers around Iknimaya. Harper then contacts him and says that he and the Na'vi managed to escape with the link chambers but the RDA is in pursuit. After destroying all the control towers, Ryder returns to Vayaha Village and speaks with Beyda'amo. Beyda'amo then tells Ryder to speak to Harper, who has arrived at the village with the link chambers. Harper warns Ryder that the RDA sent in a Dragon Assault Ship to follow them. The Dragon then arrives and starts attacking the village and killing the Na'vi. Ryder then gets to higher ground and jumps onto the Dragon and destroys each of its rotors. After the Dragon is destroyed, three more Dragons arrive and start attacking the link chambers. Ryder's link unit is flung open, exposing his body to the toxic air of Pandora. His avatar then blacks out.


A few minutes later, the Na'vi won the battle against the RDA and take Ryder and Harper's human and avatar bodies to their Hometree. Sänume then begins the consciousness transfer on Ryder and Harper. Ryder's transfer was completed successfully, but Harper's transfer was not, as the wounds he sustained in battle were too great.