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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Battlefield HQ is a large military base in the south of the Plains of Goliath region on Pandora. It sits between Alpha Line and Mei-Chu Span. Its structure is similar to that of Central Command, with several Control Towers looking over a helipad, along with numerous shacks and storage containers located in the area as well.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game[]

If Able Ryder is allied with the Na'vi, he travels to the area to fight Winslow under instructions from Hukato. He kills Winslow and returns to Nen Na'ay Village to inform Hukato.

However, if allied with the RDA, Ryder's orders are switched around and he is informed by Winslow that Hukato is responsible for at least a dozen missing men and had left the rest of them spooked. He order's Ryder to kill Hukato, with Ryder passing through this area while on his way to do so. When Ryder arrives in Nen Na'ay Village, he confronts Hukato and has to kill a thanator that Hukato is riding on, along with Hukato himself once the thanator is defeated. He is successful in killing both, and travels back to Battlefield HQ to inform Winslow of his target's termination.