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Beanstalk Palm
Flora Information


Na'vi Name

Tautral - sky tree


Saltarus pendulus - weeping dancers


150 meters


15 meters

Behind the scenes
First appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide

The beanstalk palm (Na'vi name: tautral meaning "sky tree") is named for its ability to grow to exceptional heights in the dense atmosphere and low gravity of Pandora.


When it is young the tree provides shade, and its leaves can be harvested for its fibrous tissue. They are used to weave mats, baskets, banners, bridles and saddles for direhorses. Unlike its relative, the razor palm, the beanstealk palm has rough but not sharp bark, and it is easy to climb. Birds and small climbing animals are often found nesting in its canopy.

Once a tree matures, it continues to grow to heights not seen on Earth, which places the canopy above most other trees on Pandora. Those not afraid of heights can climb to the top, although on windy days the trunk flexes and sways, making climbing dangerous. The leaves can be used to make a harness to hold the climber onto the tree during the ascent. The Na'vi use the taller trees as lookout posts and launching sites for banshees.


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