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You come from the sky, yet you cannot fly! You call yourself a rider, yet you cannot ride!

- Beyda'amo to Able Ryder during Ryder's first banshee flight.

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Emerson Brooks

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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Beyda’amo is a powerful and respected Na'vi warrior whose grim persona and stern leadership have earned him a place of high regard within the Tipani clan. In addition to his formidable talents as a warrior and his uncompromising leadership skills, Beyda’amo is also a master banshee rider, unrivaled among the People for adeptness on his airborne mount. He wears the scars from wounds delivered by a Pandoran beast across his body like a badge of honor. Beyda’amo has taken a hard line approach with humans. In the past however, he was quite open to human contact, even encouraging his mate, Marali, to attend the school and learn the language of the Sky People. But the so-called "massacre" changed everything. Although Marali survived the attack, Beyda’amo has publicly vowed never to trust the humans again. Beyda’amo’s actions represent a long dormant ideology in the Na’vi culture; a war‐like creed awoken by the human incursion into their lands. The homeland must be defended. Now is the time to fight.

He uses a Club in combat and if playing on the Na'vi side he is said to enjoy "crushing Tawtute skulls".

In the Avatar video game, if the player chooses to side with the RDA, they eventually battle and kill Beyda'amo in Willow Tree, crippling the Na'vi's leadership in the FEBA. This allows the RDA's forces to gain the upper hand in the local area, pushing hard against the Na'vi and forcing them to withdraw.


  • His name is odd, considering that the phonetic transcription rules of the Na'vi language do not define a rule that results in the letters "b" and "d". A more correct rendering might thus have been "Peytxa'amo". It may also be possible that the language has some degree of regional variation.
  • His character is similar to that of Tsu'tey: both are hardline Na'vi warriors who do not get on well with the human protagonist (Able Ryder and Jake Sully, respectively) but are later swayed by his actions.


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