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Blightgrounds Laboratory
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Blightground, Pandora



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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game NDS

The Blightgrounds Laboratory is a science facility in the northwest section of the Blightgrounds and the main research facility of Dr. Anthony Ossman. The base is built into the surrounding cliffs and connects on to many of the caves underneath it. Within the main building various security doors separate it into sections. The base is heavily guarded by SecOps infantry, drones and AMP suits. The core of the base is protected via a vast trench, bridged by moving platforms.

Avatar: The Game[]

Nok attacked the base in order to reach Dr. Ossman and stop him from manipulating the life of Pandora. He fights his way through the laboratory and cave system and eventually faces a mind-controlled thanator. Ossman is electrocuted by his own creation and falls into a coma.