Blue Flute
Item Information
Na'vi Name

Omati s'ampta


Roughly 3 meters long



Used by

Na'vi; male clan leader


Musical instrument


Hollowed branch from Hometree, one finger hole drilled near top


18 kilograms



Behind the Scenes
First Appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide

The Blue Flute (Na'vi name: omati s'ampta) is an instrument in possession of the Omaticaya clan (meaning "clan of the blue flute"). It serves as a guardian spirit that is played only on the most sacred of occasions. Despite the name, the instrument is not actually a flute. Researchers attribute this discrepancy to the lack of nuance on the part of the human translator. More like a trumpet in terms of the playing technique, the "flute" serves as a concrete representation of the connection of the Na'vi with the Hometree and is of ancient ancestry. It is described in Na'vi mythology that Eywa plucked a branch from the Hometree, created the flute, and gave it to the Omaticaya clan as a device to communicate with her or the spirits of ancestors who have passed on. No human or avatar has seen the flute, and it is only played by the Olo'eyktan (male clan leader).

There was only one known to exist within Hometree. It is presumed that the blue flute was lost in the destruction of Hometree.

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