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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The Blue Lagoon, affectionately known as "The Park," is a lagoon base and one of the largest RDA operations on Pandora. A huge fence line literally brings the jungle inside the camp, allowing RDA personnel to work with a modicum of safety.

In addition to the many scientific and research functions in the area, Blue Lagoon is home to the avatar team led by Dr. René Harper, whose primary mission is to study the reticent local Na'vi clan known as the Tipani.

The RDA maintains a strong security presence in the region, with a large troop contingent protecting the many human encampments along the water ways. PBR "Gators" maintain supply and transport routes, while providing an excellent alternative to land based vehicles. Strangely, there is a visible lack of heavier SecOps combat equipment like AMP suits, Scorpion gunships, or Swan attack vehicles, despite the area's importance as a large RDA operations area.

It's known as a location near Hell's Gate, where Able Ryder saves Dalton. It is also the location of the Avatar Station, and the safest place to see Pandora because it is surrounded by high voltage electric fences. Despite this relative level of safety, viperwolves have inhabit areas inside the fence perimeter and roam freely in several areas, as well as hexapedes.

There are also several link shacks within the Blue Lagoon, which were used by Able Ryder during his brief time as an avatar, among others. If Ryder sides with the Navi, Dr. Harper and a few other Na'vi attack the base at the Blue Lagoon in order to retrieve the link chambers. This move leads to the Battle of Vayaha Village.

If Ryder sides with the RDA, his avatar is lost at Blue Lagoon after he, Commander Falco, and several SecOps troopers attempt to kill Dr. Harper; Harper impales Ryder's avatar with an arrow shot before plummeting from a cliff. However, Ryder's human body is unharmed, and he is soon shuttled back to Hell's Gate on board a Samson alongside Kendra Midori. The craft is soon brought down by banshees over an area known as Needle Hills, leading up to the RDA's eventual operations to gain control of a Tree of Souls and subsequently gain control of Pandora.