Bone Sculpture
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Na'vi; Anurai Clan




made from bones



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Toruk - The First Flight Promotional Website

The Bone Sculpture is a prime example of Anurai artistry and painstaking attention to craft.

As an artistic medium, bones are both practical and metaphorical. The Anurai live in a sanctuary littered with bones of ancient animals. This environment fosters an attitude of genuine respect for all life, even after death. Since the dawn of time, the Anurai have carried this belief, Value of life, even in passing, is the main motivation to transform symbols of loss into beautiful works of art.

Mythological origin[edit | edit source]

It is believed that this ritual was first inspired by a call from Eywa. The deity led young clan members across a bone-littered desert. Sorrow grew with each repetitive step, passing bone after bone. As they marched into nightfall, at peak of Pandora's bioluminescence, the clan members were suddenly one with the long-lost creatures. In this moment, these passed spirits felt incredibly alive. The need to celebrate these spirits consumed the clan to the point of epiphany. The Anurai continued to craft impeccable art with the purpose of transforming lost life into eternal treasure. [1]

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