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Bucket Wheel Excavator
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Bucket Wheel Excavator


Mines unobtanium ore

  • Overall width: 235.1 meters
  • Track width: 90.74 meters
  • Overall height: 304.38 meters
  • Overall length: 506.03 meters
  • Digger radius: 43.42 meters
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The Heavy Earth Mover Oxygen-Absent (abbrievated to HEM-OA) Bucket Wheel Excavator, or just excavator, is the RDA's largest machine on Pandora and is famous as one of the largest human-made vehicles ever built beside star ships such as the Interstellar Vehicle Venture Star. It works the same as the excavators on Earth, only on a much greater scale.


It features multiple bucket wheels that chew away at the rock face. The leviathanic landships are so large they must be brought to the moon piece by piece and assembled in orbit before being parachuted to a landing zone. It boasts a massive deuterium-deuterium fusion reactor and a hybrid solar-fusion engine for propulsion and to operate its massive digger wheels.

Inside the cab, the operators get information about operations and activity outside the excavator from a display board attached to their helmets. This allows them to keep their attention focused on the action outside.

It is used exclusively at the unobtanium mine. These machines are only seen once in the Avatar film, when the Valkyrie first descends onto Pandora and flies over the mine.


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