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forward ground reconnaissance


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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The Buggy IV is a ground vehicle used by the RDA. It is a fast, lightweight, and highly maneuverable single-occupant vehicle used primarily for forward ground reconnaissance. Unarmed and without any significant armor, the buggy relies on speed to avoid destruction. This vehicle is extremely vulnerable, and can be destroyed by high speed collisions and even deep water. The buggy appears in nearly all regions that humans have occupied. The Buggy is the RDA's fastest but weakest vehicle and can't take very many swipes from Na'vi dual blades or clubs. However, the buggy can cause some damage or even kill when rammed into enemies at a high enough speed. To light its way it has six bumper-mounted lights. A very bad vehicle to drive in the dark, the Buggy is a comfortable, non-weaponized lightweight version of the ATV Grinder, which is the RDA's most vulnerable vehicle of all, in the same field as the MBS-22A.


First seen in James Cameron's Avatar: The Game.

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