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The Bush Boss FD-3[1] is a flamethrower used by the RDA SecOps troopers for clearing flora and terrorizing Na'vi warriors.


It has a short range, but its ability to rapidly set fire to grass and keep the Na'vi at bay during a battle creates a substantial advantage.

They are made from laminated carbon, using a nanotube-reinforced polymer. The entire body of the weapon is used as storage for the fuel and propellant, removing the need for auxiliary fuel tanks of the 20th century and drastically reducing weight.

Due to the incredibly tough outer layer, the weapon is bulletproof and shatterproof. A newer model referred to as "BUDDY" is also in use by the RDA, and gives the same firepower but with slight aesthetic modifications.

The FD-3 has a variant known as the Bush Boss FD-11, designed for use on AMP suits. It is aesthetically similar to the FD-3, but considerably upscaled to accommodate the AMP suit. The weapon is 1.82 meters long and has a dry weight of 90.7 kilograms. The FD-11 was specifically used in the deforestation process for Hell's Gate.

In James Cameron's Avatar: The Game[]

The Bush Boss is one of the two primary close-range weapons available on the RDA side. It deals low to moderate damage with a high splash damage and rate of fire. Despite having a drastically lower base damage than the Combat Shotgun, its high rate of fire makes it effective against Viperwolves, Na'vi and many types of plants, including Banshee of Paradise, Cillaphant, Mine Pod and Thorny Paw. However, it ineffective against larger and heavier armored creatures such as the Hammerhead Titanothere and Thanator.

In the game, the Bush Boss is capable of setting the ground on fire, although it is only cosmetic as the fire does not deal damage-over-time[2]. The player carry up to 300 fuel units of ammunition. The models available in single player are as follows:

  • Vesupyre I- damage 3.5/20, rate of fire 2.5/20, range 2/20, magazine size: 150 fuel units
  • Sterilator II- damage 4.5/20, rate of fire 2.5/20, range 2/20, magazine size: 200 fuel units
  • BushBoss III- damage 6/20, rate of fire 2.5/20, range 2/20, magazine size: 250 fuel units
  • BushBoss IV- damage 7.5/20, rate of fire 2.5/20, range 2/20, magazine size: 300 fuel units





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