CARB Base Unit
Weapon Information

Automatic rifle

Used by
Manufactured in
Manufactured by

Matanza Arms Corp.

  • 2.54 kilograms (unloaded)
  • 3 kilograms (loaded)

390 millimeters

Behind the scenes
First appearance


The CARB Base Unit is an automatic rifle manufactured by Matanza Arms Corp.. On Pandora, it is used for both "inside the wire” defensive use and “outside the wire” escort and patrol use.


It is an automatic rifle. Action: Gas operated, revolving breech. Its rate of fire is six hundred rounds per minute, and its ammunition is 6.2x35. Their magazine capacity is eighty rounds in a disposable plastic box magazine with built-in ammo counter, and the selective fire: safety, semi-auto, full auto.


Bullpup configuration (action and magazine both behind trigger), allows for an increase in the relative length of the barrel and thus more lethality at a distance. Base model can be modified with extended barrel, twenty millimeter munition launcher, day/night stabilized optical zoom scope. Ammo for munition launcher can include high explosives that are fin-stabilized, also grenade and tactical buckshot. Programmable air burst capability.


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