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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Camp Zulu is a small RDA base in the south of the Grave's Bog region. There are three gates: one in the north, east and west. These are guarded by turrets on top of the walls. There are several pressurized shacks, as well as a Swan at the south edge. The camp is connected to Giant's Gape in the west, Sniper's Point in the north and Stillwater in the east.

Avatar: The Game[]

Able Ryder entered the camp to meet with Fulson. Moments later, a sturmbeest crashed through the gate, followed by many Na'vi warriors. Though there were similar attacks on the north and east gates, Ryder and the defending SecOps troops managed to repulse every attack, with Ryder killing 30 Na'vi personally. Fulson then ordered him to accompany a convoy tasked with luring a stampeding sturmbeest herd away from the camp using the nearby Swan.


The image on the loading screen for the region was taken from Giant's Gape, looking through the gate into Camp Zulu.