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Na'vi Name



Canalydium limacineum


3 to 4 meters


1 to 1.5 meters wide

Behind the scenes
First appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The canalyd (Na'vi name: tstxa'a) has an unusual growth form with a basal, woody stem and a thickened green stem above the base. No leaves are present, so the green stem is the site of photosynthesis and food production for the plant. The canalyd appears to be an evolutionary oddity in that it has no flowers; instead, it has long stalks with spore-filled sacs, called sporangia, similar to ferns on Earth.

As a woody, leafless, spore-bearing plant, it would be considered a "living fossil" on Earth, most related to extinct ferns found in the fossil record.

The tough leathery epidermis of the canalyd is used for making parts of saddles, containers, drum heads, and other products as an alternative to leather. It has potential to become a non-animal low-impact material for shoes, handbags and clothing. Some colonists on Pandora have fashioned attractive sandals from it and have noticed that the material is remarkably resistant to foot odor.

The canalyd stem is tough and leathery as a defense mechanism to prevent animals and insects from eating it.


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