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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Central Command is a large military base in the center of the Plains of Goliath region on Pandora. The area contains a couple of Control Towers, a few Solar Containers, and a helipad. There are two entrances in the west and east leading into Gamma Line and Mei-Chu Span, respectively. There is also a path which leads into the Northern Mountains.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game[]

If Able Ryder is allied with the Na'vi, he travels to the area to fight Batista under instructions from Swawta. Swawta had informed Ryder that Batista had been killing many Na'vi with "boom boom". This of course meant explosives, as Batista was the RDA's explosives expert. Ryder manages to kill Batista and returns to Imswota to inform Swawta.

However, if allied with the RDA, his orders are switched around. Ryder instead receives orders from Batista to kill Swawta, with Batista telling Ryder that Swawta, by being a commander, had been telling Na'vi warriors to attack the RDA with banshees. This had been preventing Batista from laying down explosives. So Ryder set off to kill Swawta, with him passing through Central Command while on his way to Imswota village. Once Ryder arrives in the village, and goes over to Swawta, he is given a choice to either stay with the RDA for the final battle, or side with the Na'vi for the final battle. If Ryder chooses to side with the RDA, he successfully kill's Swawta and travels back to Central Command to inform Batista of his target's termination. If he sides with the Na'vi, the game plays out much like the end of the game if the player had been a Na'vi and had gotten this mission. Ryder kills Batista in Central Command and reports back to Swawta.