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Ceremonial Bow
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Used by
  • Na'vi - hunting and ceremonies by an elder
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3.7 kilograms


2.9 meters long

Behind the scenes
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The ceremonial bow is primarily designed for ceremonies by clan elders, but it is crafted to the peak of Na'vi design and thus functions perfectly in hunt or battle.


Fashioned in honor of the direhorse, these exquisite bows are traditionally handed down from generation to generation, and become powerful symbols of survival, continuity, and tradition. It is one of the most prestigious bows, often used by clan elders for various ceremonies. One's path to earning a ceremonial bow requires patience as it is traditionally passed down through generations.[1]

Materials and Construction[]

Neytiri holding her father's bow

The bow's wood is crafted from Hometree and the string is made from animal gut. Other elements, such as the blue leaf-like structures sprouting from the handle of the bow, are presumably made from leaves or other Na'vi-constructed materials. All the materials are held together by tightly woven straps and strings. The arrows are held by a cylinder-like structure in front of the handle of the bow, freeing the Na'vi wielders from needing a quiver to hold the arrows in a Terran-like fashion.[2]

The curved shape honours the Direhorse, an animal known to help the Na'vi during hunt and battle.[3]

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