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Cheyada Village
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Cheyada Village is a village in the north eastern corner of Grave's Bog. It is controlled by the Tipani clan. It is connected to the Thicket in the south, Sunspray Valley in the south west and Windwash in the west. The village is protected by cliffs on two sides, and there is a waterfall at the north end. There are two looms in the village, in addition to several other large strutures. There is also a willow tree in the center.

Avatar: The Game[]

Able Ryder travelled there with the three unobtanium shards, to extract the harmonic from the willow tree. Upon approaching the area, Ryder was notified by Kendra that Tan Jala was lying in wait for him, who soon attacked him on sight. Once Tan Jala was slain, Ryder was free to retrieve the harmonic and leave the village.


  • In an earlier revision of Avatar: The Game, the area was entitled "Na'vi Village Gamma".