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Clawenia pupurea - purple claw


2.5 to 3 meters


3 meters

Behind the scenes
First appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The Clawenia Purpurea,[1] or cillaphant (Na'vi name: kxaylte), is a herbaceous plant, with two whip like leaves protecting the central cluster. The external leaves are elongated and tubular, and contain bulliform cells that allow the leaves to flex and bend. The specialized cells can absorb water and expand to several times their normal size, resulting in rapid movement of the leaves.

The plant is magnetostatic, meaning that it can detect magnetic fields. When this occurs the external leaves twist, sometimes ejecting the razor sharp tips in the direction of the field. The reason for this behavior is as yet unclear, but several unobtanium miners have been injured by this.

The cillaphant can grow in a wide range of soils, and can even take root on other plants to reach for light. In those cases, it can gather the water it needs from fog, dew and rain that collects in the cluster. The name cillaphant comes from its similarity to Cilliated cells.

In Avatar: The Game, the cillaphant attacks any RDA personnel within range of its leaves.

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