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Keith Ferguson

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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Dalton is a new SecOps recruit to Pandora, and is just shy of his first year. While eager to succeed, he has had some difficulties adapting to the dangerous environment. He is deployed in the Blue Lagoon region and wears Viper Armor.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game[]

Able Ryder first meets Dalton when Kendra Midori informs him that Dalton is stuck in the wire and that he has been "spooked" by something. She also asks Ryder to go and get him. So Ryder heads out to save Dalton, at one point coming across a destroyed buggy that could have been Dalton's. Ryder did encounter some Viperwolves when he was going to save Dalton, as well as he had to kill two that had Dalton cornered in a cave. After Ryder had done this, Dalton informed him that he had been trying to set a signal to track Na'vi activity, but that he could not get it working. Ryder set the signal for Dalton, with Dalton returning to base safely. Ryder was later asked by Kendra to go and assist Dalton again, as there had been a breach on the fence line. Ryder repaired two repulsor pods that had been deactivated to temporarily patch the fence and then returned to Dalton. During there last discussion Dalton told Ryder that he personally told Commander Falco that Ryder had helped to set the scan on the Na'vi village, not wanting to steal Ryder's thunder. Ryder did not talk to Dalton again throughout the rest of the story and his fate is unknown. However, little did Ryder know that the scan he had set on the Na'vi Reservation had not been a tracking scanner, but rather a scanner to signal a Dragon gunship to target and destroy the village.


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