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Delta Line
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Delta Line is the fourth and northernmost section of the defensive lines that the RDA used in the Plains of Goliath. The area mainly consists of narrow passages between the enormous cliffs that dot the region. There are two paths that lead westwards; one into the Northern Mountains and one that leads towards Din Da'alo Village. A third path to the east leads into the RDA Mountain Base.

Avatar: The Game[]

Able Ryder travels to the area to fight Savoy under instructions from Raltaw. He kills him and returns to Din Da'alo Village to inform Raltaw.

However, if allied with the RDA, Ryder deploys to the RDA Mountain Base first and receives instructions from Savoy to kill Raltaw in the outlying Na'vi village. Ryder is successful in slaying Raltaw and travels back to the RDA Mountain Base to inform Savoy of his target's termination.