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Delta Tree
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Magellum triangulare


6.5 meters average, but up 9 meters[1]

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The delta tree (Na'vi name: apxangrr) is one of two Magellum species living in the forests of Pandora. It has toxic leaves to protect from herbivores, and is closely related to the unidelta tree which has toxic roots instead of toxic leaves. The leaves of the Delta Tree have a paralyzing defense mechanism. When the two species of trees grow close together, their roots form connections underground and the toxin from the unidelta tree passes on to the delta tree, making its roots toxic as well. In turn, the delta tree shares nutrients with the unidelta tree. The only sign that toxins have been transferred is a subtle change in the bioluminescence of the tree leaves at night, which the Na'vi have learned to identify. Animals have also learned to avoid feeding on the roots of both trees, making it an excellent defense mechanism for both plants.[2]

As the tree grows, roots emerge from the trunk and prop it up. Small animals have been known to live underneath the spine-covered aerial roots. The leaves resemble the body of a ray, a terran cartilaginous fish. Rays of course, are also toxic.


The name Magellum Trianulare originates with the 16th century Portugese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. Both the delta and unidelta leaves are said to resemble Spanish infantry helmets of the time. Triangulare is the genus of the unidelta tree.[3]


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