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Gargoylia macropisceae - giant gargoyle fish


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James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide

The dinicthoid (Na'vi name: srakat) is a large piranha-like creature that lives in Pandora's lakes and murky lowland drainages. It has a very thick armor that makes it stronger than other fish.

Anatomy[edit | edit source]

Its head features two large, protruding red eyes that can see for long distances underwater in dim light. It also features a disconcertingly humanoid false face (used to befuddle or frighten would-be predators) that is created by folds at the top of the skull. The mouth is filled with triangular, blade-like teeth. Semi-transparent body reveling spinal column and inner organs.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

When stimulated by prey or predators, it can reach high speeds by gyrating its flexible sides, much like a manta ray. It also has two flipper fins extruding from either side just beyond the head that are used for propulsion and steering. It's easily as deadly as many of its land-dwelling counterparts.

Feeding[edit | edit source]

When hunting at night, the dinicthoid can pulse with bioluminescence to take on the appearance of a smaller, more docile creature to lure prey closer. Conversely, it can control its markings to appear even larger and fiercer. It can also feed on plant life, including fallen seeds and pods.

Scientists continue to marvel at the ferocity of the fish. Pandoran biologists recently watched as an unlucky young sturmbeest waded into a small pond to drink, only to be dragged beneath the surface by a school of hungry dicnithy. Such theatrical violence has led scientists to fear that the fish may be smuggled back to private aquariums on Earth. Should this occur (followed by an inevitable release of the fish into sewers or canals), the consequences for the already-distressed ecosystems would be dire.

Ethnobiology[edit | edit source]

Na'vi Culture[edit | edit source]

Although dangerous, it is a prized food of the Na'vi, who consider it a sign of courage to confront the fish.

Human Usage[edit | edit source]

Weaponized dinicthoid have been spotted at RDA research aquariums in the Great Basin. RDA corporate culture has shown evidence of a certain acquisitiveness for dinicthoid spawned in RDA labs. Captive specimens are extremely aggressive and have been known to slam against the glass of a holding aquarium.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Though not seen in the movie, the dinicthoid (under the older name Dinicthys) appears in James Cameron's Project 880, where one was being kept at a laboratory. This dinicthoid had a habit of slamming itself against its aquarium's glass window.

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