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Dusk Valley
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game NDS

Dusk Valley is the place where Na'vi shaman Lungoray lives as a hermit. The place is crawling with glow worms and also conceals the Hammerhead Graveyard or boneyard. Dusk Valley relates to the Skycliffs in many ways, but both were conquered by the RDA. Many Na'vi living in other parts of Pandora came to Dusk Valley in hopes of finding peaceful ways to reside. Tawkami clan elders explored Dusk Valley in their early years to complete tasks. Na'vi that live there commune with Eywa through a willow tree located in the boneyard. Na'vi found other places to live after Dusk Valley was taken over.

Avatar: The Game[]

Nok explores this area in hopes of finding Lungoray and is asked to complete two tasks. The Hammerhead Graveyard conceals several RDA bases. Anthony Ossman has influenced both plants and animals there. Dr. Ossman traps and attacks Nok here, but Molly Ossman, putting her avatar body in risk, rescues him. Nok asked Lungoray to heal Molly's avatar body.