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Biographical Information

c. 852 BC[1]

Lives in



Omaticaya clan



Physical Description




  • Na'vi
    • Omaticaya clan
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Daniel Crispin
Guillaume Paquin
Raymond O'Neill (as Storyteller)

First Appearance

Toruk - The First Flight

Entu is a Na'vi of the Omaticaya clan, who lived thousands of years prior to the humans' arrival on Pandora. Spunky and intense, he knows to follow and trust his instincts. At the age of 15, he ventured into the Hallelujah Mountains in order to tame a Great Leonopteryx, along with Ralu and Tsyal.[2] He became the first Toruk Makto.


Entu, Member of the Omaticaya Clan, lost both of his parents early in life in a freak attack by a thanator. He is the same age (14 years old in Earth years) as his lifelong friend Ralu – his mentor – with whom he has always engaged in a healthy competition that has definitely kept him on his toes. Spunky and intense, Entu is fully in touch with his emotions and knows to follow and trust his instincts. One day, when a member of his clan ventured too far out on a cliff edge and was left dangling on a limb, Entu instantly concocted an ingenious counterweight device using his pack, a sturdy branch and some vines to lower himself down the mountain face and save the boy, showing total disregard for his own safety. With his quick wit and dauntless spirit, Entu is eager – and ready – to dive headlong into the adventures that lie ahead.

As the Storyteller[]

Years later Entu became a storyteller, [3] a wise translator connecting the Sky People to the Na'vi's clans.[4][5] There is an aura of mystery about the Storyteller – a wanderer who roams the land, going from village to village and from clan to clan, in constant touch with his people. Wrapped in his beautiful, weathered mantle, the wise yet unassuming Storyteller exudes wisdom and compassion. As for his age, nobody knows for sure. Time seems to stand still for those who experience life-changing events of the highest magnitude. Regardless of the clan he was born into, the Storyteller's soul contains the joys and sorrows of all his Na'vi brothers and sisters. He is a guide and a connector – a messenger of peace and unity. Long ago, the Storyteller earned a special place in the hearts of his people, and that is where his true home is.[6]

Raymond O'Neill as the Storyteller in Toruk - The First Flight


  • The Storyteller was originally going to be an Anurai clan member, unrelated to Entu. This was later changed to Entu and the Storyteller being the same character as his actor, Raymond O’Neill, wasn't "feeling a connection to his character" with the previous depiction. This was the cause of some fan confusion, as previous promotional materials for Toruk listed the Storyteller as Anurai while the show itself had the Storyteller reveal himself as Entu, who is Omaticaya. The media guide for Toruk would later be updated to reflect the Storyteller as from the Omaticaya clan. He's also referred to as Omaticaya in the first page of the show's script.[7]


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