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Flora Information


Na'vi Name

Anìheyu - blue spiral


Orbis caeruleus

Behind the scenes
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The fibonacci (Na'vi name: anìheyu meaning "blue spiral") is a large fern-like plant similar to the Terran fiddlehead fern characterized by the iconic unfurling of fronds through growth.

The fibonacci features the same fiddle neck appearance when the leaves are young. The common name of the plant is based on the resemblance of the coiled juvenile leaf to the famous Fibonacci spiral, which is based on the ancient number sequence in which each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. Botanists on Pandora have recognized this mathematical pattern in the fibonacci and many other botanical specimens.

Like the fiddlehead, the fibonacci leaves contain algae, although in this case they are blue-green in color and very useful to the plant. These symbiotic algae are able to perform photosynthesis to make their own food. They also capture nitrogen from the air and fix it into nitrate, which is usable by the plants. This allows the fibonacci to grow in poor soils with little nutrition. The Na'vi collect the fibonacci to extract the blue pigment for use in paints.

The toxin in the algae is used by the Na'vi to create a poison that can be used for the tips of arrows and spears.

Other Facts[]


Orbis caeruleus; Root name means “coil” and “blue” in color. Same genus as fiddlehead.

Botanical Description[]

Juvenile stage of giant blue fern-like plant. Coiled leaf unrolls into large primitive single-leaved plant. Named for resemblance to Fibonacci spiral.


Blue color of fibonacci is due to highly toxic blue-green algae in leaves. Algae fix nitrogen from atmosphere for use by the plant, which provides protection for the algae.


Fibonacci are collected as a source of blue pigment to use for ritual and domestic paint. Toxin in the algae is deadly at high concentrations.


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