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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The fire weed is a rare flower found on Pandora. It was Beyda'amo's first gift to his mate Marali.

In Avatar: The Game, if the player chooses to side with the Na'vi, Able Ryder is asked to track down the rare plant and present it to Beyda'amo as a sign that Ryder had Marali's blessing. There is one growing in the outskirts of Vayaha Village.

A few fire weed plants are growing near the Anurai clan's Tree of Voices.

In the iOS and Android game, fire weeds are used as an obstacle, that will explode when Ryan Lorenz gets too close to them. After Atanwey is rescued by Ryan Lorenz, he asks Ryan to blow up a wall separating the Valley of Origins and Valley of the Thanators which is accomplished by blowing up a fire weed. The fire weeds are also not blue and purple, but red in color instead.


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